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Nobody has a complete idea on the concept of taxation. This is the procedure by which person pay taxes to the government. To run this system perfectly, the government makes many rules and regulations imposed on citizens and are followed strictly too. There are many courses on taxation operated by the colleges, universities and institutes all over the world.

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Taxation Assignment Help


There are many taxes paid by a person. They are mainly categorized in direct and indirect taxes. Some of them are imposed by the central government and some by local or state government.

Types of taxes are:

  • • Business tax: It is charged on organization and companies as a government provides them many facilities for doing business in the country.
  • • Income tax: It is imposed on the money profit of a person, organization and legal bodies.
  • • Sales tax: It is imposed on sellers who sales goods or service and collecting money from buyers.
  • • Excise duty: It is charged on manufacturers who develop a product that is useful for other. They may be final products or raw materials.
  • • Toll Tax: These taxes charged on a person when they traveling on a road, bridge or tunnel.
  • • Goods and service tax: This tax is collected through the service used by a person. For example, you buy a shirt and pay some amount. This final amount included Goods and service tax. So, you paid it indirectly to the government.
  • • Value-added Tax: This tax is also an indirect tax which is collected through the service a person used.

Income tax, Excise duty, sale tax, toll tax are categories of indirect tax which means these are collecting by a person directly and Goods and services tax, Value added tax falls into indirect taxes which means that these taxes paid by a person when they use any service.

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