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SAS means Statistical Analysis System. It is a software program and suite developed by SAS Institute, which requires more advanced analytics. SAS can also be used for other statistical methods such as multivariate analysis, data management, business intelligence and statistical analysis for predictive purposes. SAS was developed around the same time when its competitor statistical software SPSS was also developed between the years 1966 and 1976 by the North Carolina State University. The SAS latest version came in 2009 with a point and click component, which made it much easier for users without prior statistical knowledge.

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SAS can get data from any source provided it is given in a spreadsheet format. SAS has a data step that helps in getting information about any input given on the software. All steps of SAS include a series of programming languages or statements. They are the executable description that commands the software to take action and also issue a declarative statement. It provides results of executive statements.

Some benefits of SAS are:

  • • It manages data management operations very efficiently and more options are always available to you while doing statistical analysis.
  • • It is also important that SAS provides better results than other statistical software tools, provided your input data is sufficient.
  • • SAS is a sufficient tool for many solutions in statistical research and data management.
  • • SAS is used in banking, higher education, telecommunications, health care, researchers and various other industries, where data analysis is important.

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Based on the application of SAS, there are around 200+ components of the SAS software suite.

Many of the components are related to statistics:

  • • Statistical Analysis (SAS / STAT)
  • • Graphics Presentation (SAS / GRAPH)
  • • Operations Research, known as Operation (SAS / OR)
  • • Econometrics and time series analysis (SAS / ETS)
  • • Quality Control (SAS / QC)
  • • Data mining (SAS / Insight)
  • • Enterprise Miner


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