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A database is a set of information that is arranged in such a way that it can be easily accessed, managed and updated. In essence, the database can be classified in accordance with the types of content: full-text, pictures, bibliography, and numeric.

In computing, databases are occasionally classified according to their organizational perspective. The most popular is a relational database. This is a tabular database in which a person can easily access the data in different ways and recognize it. A distributed database is one that can be separated or copied between different points in a single network. Object-oriented programming databases match the data present in classes and its subclasses.

Database Management Assignment Help
Database Management Assignment Help

Traditional databases are arranged by files, records, and fields. One field is just a small piece of information. A record is a set of fields and a file is a collection of lots of records. The collection of programs enables you to organize record and select data in a database. To access this information from a database, a database management system is required which is known as DBMS.

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  • • Data models Entity-relationship
  • • Query optimization algorithms
  • • SQL and QBE
  • • Oracle Database
  • • Database designing
  • • Big Data Hadoop
  • • Data Mining
  • • Query processing
  • • Relational Database
  • • Network database model
  • • Flat Model
  • • E-R diagram
  • • Client-Server architecture
  • • Relational Operations
  • • Crash recovery
  • • Normalizations
  • • SQL and Application code
  • • Normal forms including 1NF, 2NF, and 3NF
  • • Transaction Processing Recovery and concurrency control
  • • Object-oriented and object-relational databases
  • • Logical databases
  • • Web databases
  • • Distributed databases
  • • Data warehousing


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