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You do not know what types of essays you need to complete in this semester or the entire course. We believe in the comprehensive, exact assignment essay help service and that is why we have all types of essay writing solutions at reasonable prices with you. There are four types of essays that need attention:

  • 1. Narrative essays: In this type of essay, the author tells the story of real life to explain a subject. In the beginning, this can seem easy, while typing you can find obstacles in many points. Since this is a real-world phenomenon, so the information should also be realistic. While writing a narrative essay, the author should indulge the reader as if the reader is watching the story. There are many individual statements and explanations from the author's point of view.
  • 2. Descriptive essays: As the name given, a descriptive essay takes into account all instant details of an incident. Physical and ultimate descriptions help to describe the given subject in more detail while keeping the focus on every important aspect. In any subject, a descriptive essay looks like a narrative essay but in a descriptive essay, an explanation is made with the intention of explaining the incident or matter in concern. The purpose of the explanation is to impose a position or place for readers as if they are a part of it.
  • 3. Persuasive essays: The motive of this essay is to encourage the reader to accept the author's word enthusiastically. After reading the essay, the reader will understand that the author has shown the method or way of thinking in a certain way. In this type of essay assignment help, it is openly told to authorsto write from the beginning what they think and then they try to prove their point in the entire essay.
  • 4. Expository essays: Many times students of management, nursing, engineering, social science, etc. are asked to write expository essays. Here, you write statements, descriptions, data, statistical analyzes pictures, tables, and references. To write an Expository essay, it requires a lot of research on the subject and you also need a specific writing style, focusing on the subject and the word limitation.

If you are asked to write an important essay, comparative essay, logical essay, informal essay, or research dissertation, then it should not be avoided. These are other types of essays in which the above four types of essays have two or more features.


There are some important aspects of essay writing that you should keep in mind when writing:

  • • Word limitation – You cannot write like a foolish, you have to follow word limitation.
  • • Grammatical error – These mistakes are not allowed in any topic. Your English writing ability reflects your skill.
  • • Specific terms use – If you are doing a professional degree like Marketing, Economics, Nursing, Medicine or Engineering then you have to definitely use professional specific terms. You must keep in mind that while writing an essay on the subject your are expected to work as a professional but not like the common man.
  • • Referencing style – Now, this is the area where most students make mistake. There are specific styles in APA, Harvard, MLA, or other reference systems. You need to know all of them.
  • • College Guidelines – If you want good grades in your academic then you have to follow the guidelines given by your university. The college or university does not tolerate any of the deficiencies or violations of the guidelines.

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