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Are you an engineer planning to migrate to Australia? If yes, the biggest challenge in front of you is a document called CDR. It is nothing but a competency demonstration report that convinces Engineers Australia about your skills and experience. Writing a high-quality CDR is not an easy task for most applicants as it involves a lot of technical writing. Thankfully, you can take the help of a CDR writing expert to achieve your goal of living and working in Australia.

We are, the leading online source of CDR writing help for engineers desirous of migrating to Australia. We have helped in fulfilling the dreams of hundreds of engineers in various engineering streams to live and work in countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

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Mistakes that's Applicant makes while doing the assignment.

Many applicants make the mistake of treating their CDR as an essay. A CDR that does not tell your career episodes and how you dealt with problems in your job does not cut the ice with the experts at Engineers Australia. At, we have a team of qualified and experienced CDR writers to shoulder the responsibility of creating an original CDR for all our applicants.

One common reason why the CDRs of applicants get rejected by Engineers Australia is plagiarism. Many engineers in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh copy the sample CDRs available on the websites of CDR report writing services. Please remember that a CDR is a unique document that highlights the skills of the individual. Copying the CDR of another engineer will not help you at all. EA will reject your CDR and your dream of migrating to Australia will be shattered. Why take a risk with your future when a CDR writing expert can help you in clearing this crucial assessment from Engineers Australia?